Have questions? We'd love to help.


Have questions? We'd love to help.


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Our team has experience starting, managing, and growing small businesses, so we understand exactly what you need.

What industries do you specialize in?

We have a strong presence in the beauty and personal care industries. Select clients and experiences have provided resources in the automotive and nutraceutical industries as well.

For consulting services we can advise on:

  • Cosmetic Manufacturing
  • Nutraceutical Manufacturing
  • Food Packaging Manufacturing
  • Small Business Development & Organization
  • Cosmetic Formulation & Brand Development

What steps to take to get started?

Simple. Give us a call or shoot an e-mail to any of our team. We’ll get acquainted with what your are looking for and services we can help with. If the project is more in depth, we’ll schedule a follow up call with the necessary members of our team in order to nail down a scope of work and/or provide information on areas you have questions how to understand better.

I only need one of your services. Can you still help?

Absolutely! Many of our customers only use 1 or 2 of our services. Give us a call or e-mail to discuss how we might be able to integrate into your team.

What are your qualifications?

Our board has been involved in the development of small to large manufacturing operations as well as high profile product development. Collectively we have decades of experience in marketing, manufacturing, and research & development.

How long will it take to get started?

This depends highly on the scope or level of detail involved. After our initial contact we can provide a good estimation to make future plans off.

Sourcing – Always expect 4 weeks for ocean shipments and 2 weeks for air freight. Typical manufacturing times can be 4-6 weeks unless there are holidays.

Manufacturing – Highly dependent on the order volume. Short-run pilot runs we can typically turn around in a week or two if the components have been verified.

Marketing – We would need to discuss the scope more in depth to provide an accurate time schedule.