Expand your product collections.


Expand your product collections.


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Formulation IP is a big part of a contact manufacturer’s lock in their customers and formulas aren’t cheap. If you are looking to prep your brand for sale, controlling IP on your formulas is key for investors. Our core formulation expertise is within the skin care and beauty industry.

Our Advantage

Working with our team on formulas give flexibility working with different contract manufacturers. While our team will bid the manufacturing of your products, we can provide competitive bids for your formula with other well known companies.


While we offer a selection of private label formulas that can be subtly altered to your desired fragrance with added ingredients, we pride ourselves in custom work across a wide array of product categories. Ask us about how we can help. Contact Us.

Key Benefits of the Services

  • Reverse engineering of products
  • Aerosolizing of non-aerosol products
  • Private label aerosol
  • New brand collection of products
  • Transfer of contract manufacturer

New to our selection of services is aerosol and bag-on-valve services. Ask us about our aerosol formulation services. Contact Us.

We can do volumes of as little as 100 units, upward of much larger quantities. Our services are ideal for private label on the pilot size and complete customer formulas for the larger brands.

We are currently working to advertise the details of the private label formulations in our collection, however please contact us on your specific project. Contact Us.

If you are in need of a customer formulation, we’ll ask you to fill out one of our Product Briefs to start the dialog on your formula. Please Contact Us for details.